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Organizing Exhibitions

It relies on organizing and managing exhibitions with the latest techniques in the exhibition industry in terms of organization, management and services associated with them:

1 – Conduct studies, consultations and suggestions to prepare organizing exhibitions plan.

2 – Innovate and create new strategies in the field of exhibitions compatible with the overall objective of the exhibition.

3 – The economic feasibility study for the establishment of various exhibitions.

4 – The cooperation with leading companies locally and globally in the world of the exhibition industry in all aspects to organize distinctive exhibitions.

5 – Organize specialized and general exhibitions. 

6 – Create constantly updated entertainment, cultural and social events accompanying with the exhibition compatible with the overall objective of the exhibition.

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Organizing conferences

1- Organize local and international conferences specialized internally and externally

2- Organizing press conferences

3- Provide information about tourism and residence inside and outside the Kingdom

4- Reception of businesswomen and businessmen

5- Provide economic consultations to the organization

6- Organizing information and advertising campaigns for the accompanying events

7- Devise strategies to organize themes for the conferences and forums.

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Event Management Services :

All institutions work hard on their events, for other events and this is achieved by resorting to a company with considerable experience in organizing and managing events. The company can produce fresh ideas resulting in highly competitive features of the event, which gives companies that extra characteristic needed. We are, fully aware of the requirements and the most important ingredients that must be met to organize and manage events, whilst placing the results in a separate league altogether. 

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Design and printing services

We offer design and printing services of all kinds:

Design Services: Design brand identities, designing advertising campaigns, design and promotional trade publications, magazines and paintings of all kinds. Design, three-dimensional and two-dimensional design and photography. 

Printing Services: Providing all kinds of publications, trade publications and promotional cards, invoices, brochures, files, manuals, magazines, computer papers and posters .. 

Propaganda: paintings, cars and advertising materials of all kinds.